From Flab to Ab Circuit

We know that creating abs is all about diet, but we do need to work them hard to help build the muscle as muscle burns fat. Toss in these ab exercises into your day and feel the burn. If its not challenging, its not working so add weights and rounds as needed. Summer is around the corner so lets get to work!

6 ab exercises, 50 seconds each, 10 second rest. Repeat full circuit 3X.

Here it is below. Save it or print it out for later:

Read on for instructions...

Leg raises-sit and lean back on your hands. Raise your legs up then down. Try not to touch the floor
Toe Touches - lay on your back with legs straight up. Touch toes with your hands
Russian Twists - with dumbell or ball sit up and twist from left to right
Plank - you know what to do. 
Plank with Knee to Elbow - Plank, bring elbow to knee on left then right
Leg Ups - lay on back and lift legs straight up, lifting lower back off the ground.