I heart IHOP and Paleo Pancakes

Healthy Pancakes?! Yes, healthy pancakes and no you can't tell the difference between these and regular SAD (standard american diet) pancakes. I make a stack of these during meal prep so I can munch on these for breakfast as I'm running out the door, or dip 'em in peanut butter for a pre-workout snack...mmmm, peanut butter, the stuff dreams are made of. There are so many ways to make these pancakes absolutely rock! Here's the simple recipe I use.

2 medium bananas
1 scoop Protein (I used Hemp Protien and it has an earthly taste, feel free to use a flavored protien powder)
2 eggs
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 oats (rolled oats ground into flour I add oats for some carbs, but you can just leave it out or add another banana if its not thick enough)

Mix well in a blender until the consistency is smooth and easy to pour like pancake batter.
Cook on stovetop, flipping once the batter starts to bubble.
Top with nuts, peanut butter, organic honey, fruit, coconut flakes, you name it!

 Let me know how u like your Paleo Pancakes in the comments below.