Diva Legs Workout

Happy Monday Ya'll! 

I hope you had a lovely weekend and you're as pumped as I am for today's workout. I absolutely could not wait to get to the gym today. After visualizing my workout and jamming to my girl Tina Turner and Beyonce, I nearly tripped over myself to get out the door with protien shaker, banana, and playlist in hand. 

This is a solid leg workout for you. Its challenging and hits all areas of the leg. I definitely felt shakey and a bit giraffe-legged once I hit the weights so I threw in some pushups and pullups to let my legs recover a bit. Check it out: 
But wait a second honey, we're just gettin' started! Finish off with this Tina Turner Leg Routine and Shake a tail featha! 

Now treat yourself to a protein shake and a hot shower--you earned it.