Make It Happen

If you want it, you have to go out and get it, ask for it, and make it happen. If you want something done--you have to do it for yourself. Yes, this is a good thing! I don't mean to say you're on your own or you have to do everything yourself, but it does mean we create our own lives and opportunities. Our lives are created through our intentions, thoughts, and most importantly, action.

Every morning we set our intention for our day, think about what needs to be done or what we want to happen and hopefully, take action to achieve those goals. We are empowered to create what we want by deciding, knowing it will happen, then taking action to make it so.

Right now, I have decided to live fit and my fitness goal is specifically to gain muscle and earn my six pack by summer. According to this progress pic, the six pack is still a few months away, but I'll keep chipping away at it. :) If you have decided to live fit that's freakin' awesome! I'm so excited for you and the journey you are beginning or faithfully continuing on.

Set the intention and make it happen!

                                            My baby muscles. Its a slow process, but totally worth it.

Live fit everyday and make it happen!