Mood Board

Mood Board Time! Whenever I need to refocus myself, I take some time to create a mood board or vision board that resonates with me and reflects back what I'm wanting in the moment and further beyond. 

Here's my newest board with things I found on Pintrest and the web. Just find words or images that resonate with you and go with it. Right now, I've been focused on themes of friendship, summertime adventures, and giving myself permission to do the things I truly want to do and need to make time for like go out dancing, call an old friend, take a nap during the day, start a new fulfilling job, or more importantly, to just take a second to relax in the moment and realize how blessed I am, and be happy to wake up to this beautiful life every day. 

It is in that moment of gratitude and acceptance and continuation on a path that makes you feel happy and fulfilled that the universe will respond to your desire. 

Share your vision and mood boards in the comments below.