Prepare Yourself For Success

The best way to allow success into your life is to be prepared for it. Welcome it into your life like you would a long awaited guest. "Well hello there my long awaited goals, I've been expecting you" (Of course, if Daniel Craig dressed as James Bond was to show up at my door, that would be fine too.)

Either way, be prepared to go after and reach your fitness and life goals. During my recent move to Houston, I picked up some key items for the move to keep readily available: Protein, a shaker, powdered peanut butter (its oh so yummy, and low in fat!!!), coconut oil (I use it on everything) and tupperware for carrying prepped food and all my dry ingredients like oatmeal, brown rice, & quinoa.

Ak! Its like Christmas rite now! :) 

I made some yummy Peanut Butter Protien bars with the PB2 powder. Check it out here: