Sunday Leg Day

I hope everyone had a badass Sunday. Last nite's cheat meal was a perfect mid-rare ribeye with margaritas and it was a feast! I felt like a ravenous lion devouring my well deserved bloody steak and it was oh so sweet--just what my body ordered.  

I'm happy to say I am fully recovered today and ready for more! This morning, even after a nite of drinks and margaritas, got up and headed for the gym only to find it didn't open until 10?!! Come on Golds, you're killin' me here.  

When the doors finally opened, the other gym rats and I rushed in. I downed a healthy scoop of my preworkout ACG3,  the smoothest most delicious pre workout around, and started my Sunday Funday.

Here's the workout below. Just a few weeks ago, this workout had my legs painfully tight and cramped up for days. It was painful just to get out of bed. Now, after that initial body slam, I can recover much faster and be sore while avoiding total immobility. I spent a solid 2 hours in the gym today--I think I was a bit liberal with my rest periods toward the end, which I've been trying to reduce, but its a solid workout. 

Afterwards, I treated myself to a heaping plateful of watermelon and organic pizza, freakin' yumm. 

What's your fav cheat meal? What's your fav leg exercise? I'd love to hear it, please share below: