Weekend Recap

Its an absolutely gorgeous Saturday, a perfect rest day for all the hard work I put in last week. I've been hitting the gym for 2 hours each day and I feel amazing. Right now I'm hurting and sore, but I'll be ready for more by Monday. I usually don't do big cheat meals, but I may have to splurge on a margarita and a ribeye steak at tonight's BBQ. Totally earned it. Rest day is the only day I get to splurge and style my hair (since it takes so long and I know it will just get ruined after a workout) so I'm feeling extra fabulous today.

Here's a recap of some of the workouts I did the past week.

I love doing super-sets. The exercises marked super-sets are done back to back, no rest except to switch exercises. If you can't complete the last rep at the same weight, just lower the weight and complete the set. This really keeps the heart rate up, hits the muscles in a new way, and makes the most of your precious gym time. Check it out:

Even Jewels is ready to grill!