Eating Clean among the S.A.D

Living healthy among the S.A.D.ers--the Standard American Dieters and the proliferators and advertisers of sugary fatty foods that continue to make us this way, is hard work especially when you're constantly faced with fast food, cake pop shops, and last years pumpkin latte (delicious, I know, but loaded with sugar). I'm loving every minute of the workouts and experimenting with new paleo options (who knew paleo pancakes and fudge would be so good!), but we all know that this lifestyle requires consistency, focus, dedication, and work!

There are so many times I have had to talk myself out of eating a whole chocolate cake or binging on ice cream that my boyfriend loves to keep stocked in our freezer. Whenever I'm gifted cookies or chocolate around the office for a birthday or holiday I always accept, then turn around and re-gift them to someone else. To protect myself from cravings and added fats, I carry my protein shakes with me, share my homemade protein bars, and always order salad with no dressing at lunch.

Cultivating these habits and editing what I put on my plate allows me to have the energy and fuel needed for my lifestyle--fit, active, and healthy.

.....it adds up!!

From my experience, no one is going to tell you Not to add whip cream to your coffee, or Not to have a McGriddle for breakfast. If anything, people want you to eat poorly because that's what most people do without realizing it. You may get some flak for not giving into your friend's cravings, but this is about Your decision to eat well and stay true to your goals. It takes an iron clad dedication to clean eating by clearing out the fridge and stocking up on prepped fruits and veggies and sticking to it before friends and family stop offering you cookie dough and chocolates. Eventually, they'll come around and your healthy habits will rub off on them.

The key is to set the intention to eat clean firmly in your mind and stick to it. You are the only one who can truly hold yourself accountable. Sticking with your goals and eating clean is the only way to transform your body and there is no better way to influence your friends and family than by setting a healthy example.

Set your sites on the healthy life you want and live it. Stay fit my friends! :)