But Ma, I don't wanna run!!

Happy day after Easter everyone. After a fun filled Sunday brunch, an afternoon run in the park, then mimosas and bbq, I finally learned how to play poker and Gin Rummy. I won't start playing at a casino anytime soon, but I definitely held my own in the game--at least I though so :). I at least had my poker face on the whole time despite my terrible cards. 

                                               BBQ                                                          Brunch 

Now, lets get motivated!

After a great weekend, lets use that momentum to charge our workouts this week, revisit our nutrition goals, and reignite our fitness regimen. Today, I'm focusing on developing my training mentality and learning to push through a challenging workout. During yesterdays run, I'll be honest, I found myself really having to convince myself to push on once the initial burst of energy passed and I found myself in an incline or breathing hard and wanting to stop. Its like having a toddler throwing a tantrum in your mind and saying, 

"but I don't wanna climb the hill!"
"I came this far, isn't that good enough?" 
"Are we there yet? 
"How is jogging going to help me get shredded? Shouldn't you be lifting?"

Now, I am not much of a runner, but I've ran longer distances before and I've pushed through some tough bike rides without even the slightest mini mental tantrums or thoughts to turn back. Those are the times when I love fitness, when I feel invincible, powerful, focused, and flowing with energy. The reality is, to get to that higher level of fitness, I've had to push through many many negative thoughts to reach my goals. Still, all these thoughts and more came rushing to my head and it surprised me. Even though I'm not much of a runner, I thought a trail run would be easy, but nothing comes easy especially when your mind isn't focused. 

Just like a loving parent to a tantrum throwing child, my body knows training is best for me. It knows I've become a bit too accustomed to the treadmill and could use a fitness reality check and some fresh air and just unplug. No heart rate monitors, no headphones, just me--running, breathing, and feeling free. My heart knows that if I am ever to bust this plateau and get out of my comfort zone I would need to get very comfortable with a challenging run and change my thoughts to cultivate a training mindset. 

After my mini tantrum, I paused, breathed, and imagined myself waiting for me at the finish line, I thought of all the hard work I have put in so far and not letting it go to waste, and I thought of my family and friends working to their fitness goals. I thought of my brother in bootcamp and found motivation on the fly, let go of 'that's good enough' and decided to give everything I've got every time. 

Find your motivation this Monday. Find it by trying something new, challenging, maybe a little scary.  Find it by pushing through one more set when you planned on only doing 4 or trying a new fitness class. Listen for your your mind's initial reaction or excuse as it tries to talk you out of it. Then do it anyway. 

Oh, Do tell! Let me know in the comments below.
What is your fitness motivation? 
What new challenge did you do? 
How did your mind/ body react?