Happy Easter

The adult equivalent of the easter egg hunt is definitely hunting for the perfect Easter brunch. I do miss the old school egg hunts, but mimosas were calling my name this Sunday. Easter brunch can be tricky, I didn't want to get stuck with an expensive and tempting buffet nor did I want to wait for an hour before being seated.  Luckily, I found my new fav breakfast spot in Houston--The Brick and Spoon. Its a cozy remodeled home turned restaurant with live music, a sunny patio, and a bright clean interior complete with a full bar where you can design your own a la carte Bloody Mary. Score. Sticking with my clean eating plan, I had a coffee, 1 pineapple mimosa, and a garden veggie omelette with sprouts--triple score! I think an afternoon run and an evening bbq with some good music will close the day nicely.

Do tell.....
What is your fav breakfast spot?