Happy Good Friday


I hope you all are having a lovely Good Friday! Tonite I'm continuing my new job celebration at the Rooftop Lounge in Houston for a much needed date night with my man set to some bouncy and bass driven house music. Woot! I love me some good, happy, deep and soulful house. 
Can't wait to dance it out.

This weekend will be especially tempting for those of us on a clean eating diet, especially if you plan on hitting up Easter brunch. This would be a great time to share your goals with your family and friends so they can help keep you accountable and most importantly set some time aside to prep some healthy snacks. Keep your eye on the prize. Eat the eggs all you want, just take it easy on the cadbury eggs and waffles at Easter Brunch ;) You'll thank yourself later. 

Check out today's workout below. Set some time aside for yourself this weekend and get moving! What better way to celebrate than by feeling energized and amazing!