Happy Weekend

Hello there, I hope everyone had a lovely week and is revving up for an amazing weekend! I had a full morning of meetings and interviews then a lovely late lunch at Lupe Tortilla with a skinny margarita and lettuce wrapped fajitas. I was in heaven. The patio was bustling with trays of sizzling fajitas, hand shaken margaritas, and a fire pit nearby. I might as well have been eating on the beach Once the margarita hit the table, I felt like I was instantly transported to a beach side cabana. I love me some fajitas and ritas :)
This weekend my sister is coming into town for a visit. I'm so excited! Can't wait to catch up over a glass of wine. I may be fit, but wine is definitely in my diet right now. :)

 Happy Weekend everyone! Enjoy yourself--you've earned it!