Saturday Morning Workouts

Good Morning, my lovelies! Its the start of a lovely weekend and a great day to.... yes, run stairs!

After so much time spent at the gym and a solid rest day yesterday, I decided to head out of my front door and down the street to the High School soccer fields to explore. At first, I hesitated and thought, "Its Saturday, maybe I should just take 2 rest days??" but in the end, my body actually craves these workouts, especially an all out exhausting stair run. 

Yes, its true, I do crave a good stair run and a hard workout. There is no better way to earn your rest and burn off some energy (and increase your energy too) than to run stair sprints outside. The feeling of accomplishment and elevated energy is definitely a craving worth indulging in!! 

Forget the fleeting sugar cravings and fixations. Your body is craving a good sweaty workout to shake off the dust and put the wind in your sails. 

Always put your health first, once you do that and once you decide that fitness is a priority and once you place a high value on your personal health no one can stop you. 

Here's your stadium workout ;)

Stair Sprints
Do 3 sprints, Then Rest: 

Sprint up center steps, 2 at a time. 
Jog down
rest for 60-90 seconds
Repeat 4X

Sprint up sitting bleachers, 2 at a time
Jog down
rest for 60-90 seconds
Repeat 4X

Bench Jumps
Use the stairs or Find an elevated surface at just around knee height

20 reps X 3 sets
60 second rest

3 sets of 12

Bench dips
Tricep dips with legs up on a bench
3 sets of 20

200 Field Lunges
Start at one end of a soccer field and begin walking lunges to the other end. 
Lunge right leg forward, knee to the grass, legs together, lunge left
Once you reach the end, about 100 lunges, turn around and lunge back.

Now, I'm not a high school student, but I'm definitely going to start using this field more often. I saw several other joggers running around the track, so I'm sure you can use the local school tracks in your area. Go online, rite now, go ahead, and find your local school or public running track. 

Pick a date, this week after work, say Tuesday at 6PM, while its still light out to go to the track and try the walking lunges as a warm up. Let me know how it goes!!