The Naked Playlist

Good Morning Sunshine! 

I have another treat for you guys. Check out my naked playlist.

Naked because it isn't loaded down with junk--just pure unadulterated awesome songs for you to jam out and lift to. Its 24 songs, 1 Hour and 28 minutes of indie jams with my favorite spin class song by Youngblood Hawke at the end for you to ride off into the sunset.

If you don't have spotify yet, get it now! You can listen to virtually any song, any time, anywhere and quickly. I never have any problems with waiting for songs to load and buffer. Spotify is my go-to music source. Beatport is a close second.

Check out the Naked Playlist...if you're into naked yoga, that's cool too.

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What's your fav song in the playlist? 
Which songs should b added? 
What's your go-to music app? 

The Naked Playlist