Weekend Recap: Bike Rides, Puppies, and Mimosas!

Saturday Morning Bike Rides

What a gorgeous weekend! Saturday morning Andrew and I loaded up our road bikes and headed to downtown Houston to ride the Bayou Trails. The trails wind around the water way for miles with paths for runners, cyclists, groups of walkers and parents with strollers to explore with a lovely view of the skyline. I tend to throw the hammer down on a ride and I managed to go for it a few times, but I think I might have to save that for another time. I'm sure I surprised a few runners on the narrower trails, but I couldn't help myself. After a long ride, we cruised over to an open field where the city was hosting a a small Picnic in the Park with Badminton, hoola hoops, bag toss, live music, and a few food vendors.  Not a bad start to the Weekend. 

Surprise honey! 

Still excited from our ride, we headed to Petsmart for their adoption Saturdays to meet our new dog Marley! We immediately fell in love with him--just look at that face! He's still making friends with our cat Jewelz, but for now, he's made himself at home and will by my new running buddy. 

Not so lazy Sunday.

Our Crawfish Boil was postponed so I had plenty of time for a leg workout, check it out below, followed by a late afternoon meal with mimosas and a quick nap :). What are Sunday's for right? I also managed to pack a few things for tomorrow's meals. 


 Now for another mimosa and some cuddle time on the couch ;) 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Take some time tonite to rest, relax, and visualize the week ahead. Stay tuned for more workouts and motivation next week. 

Stay fit my friends!