Workout Like a Boss

Summer is in full swing and we are headed straight for bikini season. I am bound and determined to fit into my bikini so its time to break out the GYMBOSS and gear up for some serious fat blasting, metabolism boosting workouts. I’m focusing on interval training this summer because it works!  A short tabata session is just as effective as an hour long workout It also ignites the after burn effect —allowing you to burn fat for up to 48 hours after your workout.  Most importantly, for the lifters out there, these short intense tabata workouts burn fat while retaining muscle. 

Tabata Workout:
20 seconds work // 10 seconds rest // repeat 8 X // 4 minutes 
-burn fat long after your workout      
-retain muscle
-increase VO2 Max
-short and effective 

GymBoss Timer— your new bff

Now, at first, I thought, “Why do I need a timer when I can use my handy smartphone?”.  Well, I soon learned that my new galaxy phone isn't exactly built for the gym. It can barely handle humidity,  much less sweat  or thrashing around with weights. Plus, shoving a tablet sized phone in my bra or in a tight arm band was a hot mess. So I upgraded. Thank you GymBoss! With this little timer, I can time crossfit, circuit, tabata, and other interval style workouts. 

If you’re short on ideas for your Tabata Training, 
check these out below.

Pick one exercise: burpees, tuck jumps, squat thrusts, mountain climbers, planks.
Set the timer for 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest and repeat for 8 cycles for a total of 4 minutes.
Repeat again, or select a new exercise and repeat for 8 cycles or 4 minutes.

Max Out! Timed
Use the timer function to see how long it takes you to do 50 burpees. Go!! Test it out with your friends.
Or, set the timer to 3 minutes and see many burpees or pushups you can do without puking. Set!

Pick 8 different exercises and rotate after each rest period. Perform all 8 exercises in one set for a total of 4 minutes, then repeat the full circuit. Check out the total body circuit below. These work great for isolating one body part and hitting all areas of the muscle. Try this on ab day and feel the burn! 

The possibilities are endless! Please know, this is an affiliate link, so I make a very small percentage of the sale, if you do decide to order one.  

If you're ready to take your workouts to the next level, grab your timer today! Oh, and don't forget to print the workout or take a screenshot with you. :)

Let me know in the comments below. 
What's your favorite go-to circuit exercise?

If you want it, "You Betta Work! "

Thank you Rue Pal! I couldn't have said it better. I love her show Rue Paul's Drag Race. Its fabulous and filled to the tits with lip synching divas, wigs, makeup galore, and cat fights. I would venture to say its a tasteful version of housewives. haha. Rue Paul's 1st music video introduced him in all her glory while preaching loud and clear. If you want it ladies, "You Betta Work!".  Just for fun check out his music video here on you tube. 

In fitness, success doesn't come easy, progress is earned, so let's face it, those weights aren't gonna lift themselves! We are all incontrol of setting and realizing our goals. It all it boils down to showing up every week. Whether you're in it for the endorphins, longevity, or training for an event, keep moving forward, keep showing up, and get to work! 

We all need a little extra push and when things get tough, we need to reach down and listen to our  fiery inner diva. She's fierce, fiesty, motivated, and won't back down. Use that bold, confidence to fuel the fire. 

Lately, I've been working on my weakness--running. I'm a girl that lifts and cycles so running is definitely the area I need the most work. Here I am after a run and field workout with Marley. Whew! Wait a sec, let me catch my breath....ok, now I can take a selfie.

Do Tell...
Let me know in the comments below. Who is your favorite diva. Which word describes your inner diva?


Feels Like Its My Birthday Everyday!

Happy Friday Ladies! No today's not my birthday, but it feels like it is everytime I get a package in the mail. After posting the story “Fun Gym Clothes”, the shirt I ordered finally came in!

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work and the gym to find a hot pink present waiting for you on the table and smelling the scent of steak on the grill. Mmmm. Lately, I’ve been doing some online shopping and every day I come home I find a new gift waiting for me. It’s a nice little treat--a little gift for myself every day. Inside this pink package is the shirt I purchased from the Etsy shop ‘Hello Fabulous’.  

Too Legit To Quit Gym Tanks from Hello Fabulous

The shop is ran by two sisters who silkscreen their own unique gym tanks. I am a super fan of their shop now. They even sent a nicely designed thank you note with a coupon code. Yes! I work in commercial print so I’m a sucker for printed items.

Speaking of print, I also picked up this hot little number from Charm and Gumption on Etsy.

‘Hustle’ print by Charm and Gumption on Etsy

I think this will work perfectly for my future work space.  I absolutely love fun bold prints. I found this one on Wanelo. Let me warn you, Wanelo is dangerously addictive! Yes, even more than Pintrest. The site allows you to customize your feed by following other boards or users and offers featured items, just posted, trending, and other themes like bohemian and novelty. Once you click on an item you can save or buy it directly from the store’s site. 

The site provides loads of unique finds based on the items you chose and most of these items are from Etsy and other new online shops. You can also create your own collections and create mood boards or stories. Too fun!

Here’s how my Wanelo Print collection is coming along…

Come checkout the board at Wanelo.com here. Right now my user name is ssssssh. With 6 s’s.

I can’t remember how I found Wanelo, but I know I was searching for a new bikini—thus most of my favourited items are bikini and lingerie related. I've always had bikinis that are either too big and droopy on the bottom like a diaper, or too small on top and I risk having a boob pop out. I turned 30 last year so I wanted to upgrade to a sexy one piece, like one you might see by a resort pool or a billionaire’s yacht, hey I can dream, so I began my search. 

I had my heart set on a sexy strappy bikini from Nasty Gal, but by this point, I decided a one piece would leave me with a weird tan line and well let’s be honest, I’ll never be on a billionare’s yacht any time soon, so I toned it down a bit.  Sorry Nasty Gal…next year!

After digging through more collections I finally found the perfect one. It has straps, color, and will give me a little motivation to fit into it J. Once it arrives, I’ll show it in a new post. I hope it fits!

Do Tell....
Let me know in the comments below: 
What is your favorite Etsy shop? What's your favorite print quote? 


I'm a LUSH and So Can You!

 “You’re a touch overrated, you’re a lush and I hate it.” Taking Back Sundays.

Pay no attention to this band’s swill, did anyone really ever listen to them anyway? We are talking about LUSH Cosmetics and yes they’re absolutely luscious and we love them! If you don’t know about LUSH, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite brand.

I love LUSH because their  beauty and cosmetic products are all made by hand using fresh organic fruit, veggies, essential oils, and herbs. They do not animal test or purchase ingredients from those who do and use very little if any preservatives. Their containers even have a little sticker with a picture of the person mixing your product. I know right! These guys are great!

The best part for me is, unlike other stores that use chemical fragrances and give you a migrane whenever you walk past, LUSH is all organic. Their product packaging and message is bold, sexy, and fun! Makes sense that this would be my favorite brand. ;)

Just a side note here, I’m purely sharing because I like LUSH cosmetics. I don’t work for LUSH or make any commission if you decide to go to the LUSH site. I honestly just love LUSH and wished I had found this sooner so I thought I’d share…Your welcome. :)

After browsing the site, I finally made my selection: 

Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo & 
Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. 

Here they are, the happy couple!

Their Honey Shampoo gives you all the wonderfully luxurious benefits of honey but without the stickiness or overly sweet smell. The scent is rich and herbal and left my course curly hair shiny and soft the next morning!  This one is definitely going on re-order status. Oh, yes, they have an option in their shopping cart to add items for reorder in 3month and year increments so when you get low, you’ll automatically receive your new item. LUSH.

The second item I snagged is the Ocean Salt face and body scrub--a much needed upgrade from my usual mix-it-yourself-with-applecider vinegar-aztec -mud-clay-mess. This salt scrub delivered the goods! It’s a smooth scrub that’s not too grainy or rough and has a light refreshing scent. In my experience, many scrubs scrape my skin or just have ‘micro-beads’ that don’t do shit. I’m so glad to have a real scrub in my beauty arsenal.

I also highly recommend visiting their store in person because it’s the only place to buy their homemade, mixed in-store, facial masks.  They won’t ship these out, since they must be refrigerated. The ginger mask is my favorite.

Another reason I buy quality products…
For those of you who make your own homemade products for fun or even if you’re a pro, take the day off and try out LUSH. I used to pride myself in making my own handmade products, but after awhile, making your own products becomes laborious, time consuming, and I never could get the mixture to smell right and the packaging was, well, homemade jars and bottles.  After awhile, I stopped making them at all and just kept a bag of sugar under my bathroom sink for my scrubs. What a mess! I learned the hard way—if you want a handmade quality product you don’t have to stock an apothecary in your house. Honestly, just buy it! Whether from LUSH or another organic and homemade source, you deserve it.

Do tell…

Let me know in the comments below. 

What is your fav LUSH product? Your fav LUSH scent?


Happy Hump Day

Hump day, pump day, whatever you wanna call it--I hope that you're doing both today. Usually I do a PUMP Day workout, so checkout what I was up to yesterday at Gold's. No good, as usual.. ;) 

1/2 mile run with Sprints!
6.0 incline, 7.2 speed
1 minute sprint, 1 minute rest
X 5

Bicep Curls drop sets starting with 50 lbs. 
Hammer Curls
Bench Press superset with 15 pushups between each set
Incline Bench Press
Shoulder Press
Bicep Curls sitting 
Lateral Shoulder Raises
Bent Elbow shoulder flys 
Tricep dips and cable pull downs

 I just love getting my arms nice and plump after a solid workout--ahh, feeling good. That's all for now!
See you next time. 

Do tell....
Let me know in the comments below. 
What's your favorite arm exercise? 

How to deal with hitting a plateau--stay the course or say Fuck It?

Easier said than done. After 2 years on my fitness journey, I finally reached a breaking point. Yes,I had come face to face with the dreaded wall and found myself firmly stuck on a plateau and seriously questioning my motivation to carry on another day, week, year of grueling workouts. After countless hours in the gym, forcing myself to eat clean, and constantly feeling tired and sore, I was seriously wondering, "Why do I put myself through this?". I wanted to just jump to the after picture already!

By this point, I was mentally exhausted, hangry and about to drop off that plateau!!I felt more and more like a hamster spinning my wheel full force to nowhere and I was ready for a break. I started to talk myself out of my workouts and summer fitness plans. I kept thinking,

"Do I really give a shit if I’m ‘bikini ready’? Why should I give a damn about having a flat 6 pack??"

Oh I was in deep and my mind was trying to talk me out of my all the hard work I was planning to put myself through for the next few months. I wanted out, I had earned it. I kept thinking, “You can’t take it with you, right so what does it matter?” Well, a  few months ago, it mattered. It mattered because of the amount of work I was putting in and the positive effect fitness had on my life. Being fit mattered because it made me feel  amazing, but lately I was feeling drained.

What I didn’t realize or appreciate was the progress I had already made. All I could focus on was the idea that I wasn’t where I wanted to be—physically. The truth was, I wasn’t where I wanted to me mentally and if I could just relax and let go, then I would continue to make progress with ease and without  the impossible standards I had placed on myself. I had to get back to having fun with fitness. So I took a little break to chill out for a bit because living in the past or the future is a sure fire way to destroy your joy in the present moment. 

Living right now is the only moment that matters and right now, I needed to spend time with family, focus on work, sleep in, laugh hard,  and eat a freaking hamburger with icecream!

After a much needed break to rest and rejuvenate, I realized that I do love what I do and I am passionate about fitness and challenge. I know that I don’t really care about the end result and that it is just a bonus for my efforts. I do care about staying active, pushing myself, keeping my word, and having a goal to strive for—to live for. Before fitness I would easily succumb to depression, negative thinking, and just feeling shitty. Being fit makes me feel amazing, alive, and empowered!  Right now, I plan on eating well, working hard, and enjoying the journey, yes even the doubt and fear and second guessing that will come with it.   

So, this week I’m back at it and I’m keeping my gym time down to an hour to make sure I’m working  and constantly challenging my body in a short period of time. This way, I can still get a solid 1 hour workout and I’ll leave the gym feeling refreshed rather than exhausted and have time to spend with my loved ones Andrew(my boyfriend), Jewlez (the cat), and Marley (my dog).

During yesterday’s workout, I definitely felt the challenge. My body actually feels just as strong as it did 1 week ago, but I did notice I was fatiguing faster than usual. The good news is, after my workout I felt lighter and refreshed and focused rather than drained and scattered. It’s a subtle shift between the two, but it is definitely noticeable. 

My goal now is to push hard enough to light the fire, but not burn it out.

Check out Monday's come back workout. 
The Bounce Back Workout

Warm Up
Keep it short, we just want to get warm
 ½ mile run

Quick HIIT
25 Jump Squats
1 minute Rest
X 4
Your legs will be burning! Even if you’re going slowly, keep going.

SQUATS with barbell
SQUATS on smith machine

I a bootcamp class doing lunges with a push press...I’ll have to try that next time. :)

Do Tell….
Where are you in your fitness journey? How do you cope with the dreaded plateau?
Let me know in the comments below…


Kickstart Your Day by the Bootstraps!

Set your day into motion with a powerful intention to create and allow amazing things to come your way. With a strong forward momentum, your positivity can plow right through the dulling mind chatter that can chip away at your enthusiasm and power.

Begin the day fresh and new and grateful for what it is--your blank canvas, your sandbox, and your creation.

They say the best revenge against negativity and doubt is wild success. Its true. As your positivity reaches critical mass, it can't help but to expand out into your universe and impact your surroundings. That's how positive energy works. Once a high vibration is set into motion it tends to build on itself and attract more positive thoughts and experiences. So start off your day,  your week, this moment right now, strong and with intention to stay open, create joy, feel gratitude, and share with others.


Move Your Ass Monday

Its Monday! Time to get back to the grind, so put down the mimosas and lets get to work. This is 'Move Your Ass Monday' so for those of us that are dragging it or sitting on it, this is your wake up call to get up and get moving this week. It doesn't matter how or when you do it, the important thing is that you, yes you got it, "Move Your Ass". 

I'm not going to preach to you too much today, I have no room to talk. Rather than doing my usual 5 days a week 1 hour gym sessions, I've switched to riding my bike, jogging, walking, or taking the stairs. The idea is, just keep moving. 

As we know, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Its the getting into motion thats the tough part, but it doesn't have to be. The 'object' (your ass) gets into motion by repetition until eventually, it becomes habit--a habit that's not dependent on excuses. Its like going to work every day. You can't call in just because you don't feel like going. Same thing with your activities--staying active is a part of your job and the good news is, you are your own boss. Your job is stay active, keep up those endorphins, lengthen your life, and keep feeling good. Its a habit, get it in however you need to. It will become easier and your body will thank you. 

How do you plan to stay active this week? 
Let me know in the comments below.


Weekend Recap

Happy Weekend. Its been a lovely few days relaxing, cooking, laughing my ass off and snuggling with Drew and the pets.  Aaaaaah. 

On Friday, I had a hot date with Drew and we headed out for dinner and a movie. We started off the night right with a South African dinner. Who knew I liked lamb? I had written it off until I tried it falling off the bone and dipped in mint. Delicious. South Africa does it right. During dinner we caught an impromtu flash mob of zumba moms in the plaza and jammed out before heading to the Alamo Drafthouse for 22 Jump Street. Honestly, I've never laughed so hard in a movie theater. Hilarious. If you havn't seen 21 Jump Street with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, then stop what you're doing (well finish reading this) then watch 21 Jump Street. 

Saturday morning we headed out for mani pedis and in the afternoon we bbq'd some thick, bacon filled burgers with friends and watched a few soccer games while the rain poured.

On Sunday, we put in an hour bike ride crusin' through our neighborhood and the country roads outside of town. I love riding in the morning. Its a great way to energize the day and earn that Sunday afternoon nap.

I  hope you had a lovely weekend doing what you love. Cheers to an amazing week ahead.

YOLO, so make some froyo

Its blazing hot in Texas right now, and we're just getting started. Soon, we'll be into 100 degree heat, dripping sweat in areas we didn't know could sweat. To cool off from the 3rd planet heat, I absolutely love chowin' down on some frozen yogurt with all the fixings. Its so yummy and a ton of fun to make your own froyo bowl. I always get a rich creamy flavor and top it off with granola and loads of fruit. Some of my local favorites are: Red Mango, Menchi's, Tutti Frutti, & Orange Leaf. The Red Velvet Cake is my fav flavor.

After a few rounds of by the pound froyo, these little bowls add up, so I opted to make my own homemade, sugar free frozen yogurt. Checkout the blueberry recipe below. After mixing up a batch, I ate the 1st serving right out of the bowl without freezing and the mix turned out a bit sweet. After freezing, overnight (and thawing for an hour before eating) the yogurt was much more tart. So keep in mind, if you're going to make this ahead, add more sugar and honey. If you just can't hold back and want to eat right out the bowl, add less sugar and taste as you go. The same goes for the pineapple recipe. Yummm. For pineapple, I only used equal parts pineapple and yogurt and ate it fresh. Delish!


Fun Gym Clothes

A year and a half into my fitness journey and I still do not own a gym tshirt. Nope, not one. I have plain tank tops, but they are too tight and well, just plain and boring! I tried to cut up an old tshirt and 'Project Runway' it into a workout shirt, but that was a horrendous Pintrest Fail. Oh well, guess I'll spend the $20 and just buy a shirt!  I decided to steer clear of Lulumon and Nike's price tags and went in search for workout clothes in the 20 dollar range. There's a lot of bad workout clothes out there, trust me, I looked, but here are some fun fitness finds to add to your gym wardrobe.

I compiled this list solely for saving you and myself some time. I don't have any affiliation with these sites and I don't make any money if you decide to buy one of these tops. I just thought I'd share :)
Check these out:

Muscle Club 
For my lady lifters out there, check out the Muscleclub.com for sassy workout gear and the shortest of short shorts. This shirt pretty much sums it up. 

Love Fitness
This is a lovely family owned business site with bold yet feminine fitness gear. Here are a few of my favs. 

This site has a ton of great shirts in all  colors, sizes, and styles. Yes, most of the shirt are for dudes and are overly cheesy, obnoxious, or just dumb, but I laughed inside when I saw this. I absolutely love, love this Arnold t-shirt

They have a huge selection of fun shirts with slogans and memes to wear to a festival, if that's your thing. Among the mess, I found this little nemo shirt. Its HILarious! I laugh my ass off everytime I see it, but they were out of stock so I moved on. 

And last and not least, my favorite shop is Hello Fabulous Apparel on Etsy. 

Goal Digger. Get it here. 

aaaaaand Too Legit To Quit, yep this is the one I bought. 
Clean, simple, and I didn't see it on the other sites. Can't wait for it to come in! 

So ladies, what tshirts are you sporting for motivation? Which one do you like? 
Let me know in the comments below. I'm off for a run with Marley...

Move Your Ass Monday

Happy Monday Ladies! If you need an extra push this Monday, here it is. Move. Your. Ass. See, they get it! They already got a head start on their workout for the day. 30 minutes, three times a week. Doesn't matter how you slice it--just get it done however you like and whenever you like.

Sure, Zumba counts too ;)

So does taking the stairs, walking your dog, doing yoga at your desk during lunch, and parking on the far end of the parking lot. It all counts! I know these things seem small, but it all adds up. Whether you do yard work or dance in the living room after work, (yes I've done that before), just do what you gotta do to get your ass moving!

Your level of fitness in totally within your grasp and in your control. Its all on the other side of your own fears and doubt. Are you worried about that other people are doing? Who cares if everyone else is taking the elevator at work? You make your own choices and you have decided to live fit because you want a longer life, or you just want to get up those stairs with out getting winded. So what if you think you'll look silly dancing or doing pushups in the yard or pullups on the stairwell? Guess what, most people are too busy worrying about themselves and couldn't care less about what you are doing.

Honestly, they have the same fears and excuses you do. So you have to choose not to give into those excuses and negative thoughts and continue toward your goals. So be yourself, stay true to what you want and risk being silly or even failing. These things are a part of your overall success. Set an example when no one else will and do whatever it takes to get your ass movin! Those weights aren't going to lift themselves. ;)


TGIF, Now Lets Go Shopping!!

Its Friday, the 13th, so I did a little online shopping for some good luck. When I'm shopping, I have to start off easy with just 1 or two items so I don't go into an all out splurge fest. Today I did good. I picked up 1 Bobino cord organizer and backed the CLUG project on kickstarter. Not exactly glamorous shopping, I know, but functional, yes.

Bobino Cord Wrapper on CB2.com 

I picked up the Bobino cord wrapper for my headphones. This way I can keep them nice and tidy instead of shoving the extra cables in my sports bra. This one was on sale for like 2 bucks. 

DIY Heart Cord Wrap

For the crafters out there, checkout this heartshapped cord wrapper tutorial.

DIY Tutorial Here

Aliexpress Headphone Cord Wraps


And for those of you not looking to get too crafty, check out Aliexpress for a huge selection.  
                Cute Cloud Cord Wraps


Keeping in line with the small plastic assessory theme, I also picked up a CLUG. It can be wall mounted and easily clips onto your bike tire for storage. Neat! This works perfect for me because right now my 2 bikes are just leaning against the garage wall--not good for the tires and it looks cluttered so I was thrilled to pickup a set and support hurdler studios in the process. 

Do Tell! Let me know which you prefer: Headphone wraps or the CLUG bike clips?

Do you have any interesting accessories to share?

Let me know in the comments below:




Pump Day: Visualize Your Goals


Happy Pump Day everyone! We are half way through the week and still going strong. This pump day is my last night with Andrew until he takes off for a wedding in Chicago so I will be doing an early evening run with him rather than hitting the weights today, but I'm still here to offer motivation and support for you all.

For that extra bit of motivation and intensity, I have found that visualizing my workouts long before I hit the gym has helped me stay focused and alert during my workouts. By visualizing myself working hard and going for the burn, I can draw on that image and feeling and use it to drive my intensity during a workout when I feel I'm starting to fade.

Visualizing and planning my workout ahead of time also helps me stay accountable to shorter rest periods, doing drop sets at the end of the last set, or any other lifting strategies I choose to focus on that day to keep me focused and working hard. It always helps to imagine my 'after' picture and really focus on the movement and the muscle I'm working on.

So many times I have patted myself on the back for just showing up, getting into the workout, having good form, or sweating like a mad woman. While all those things are great, it takes laser focus and constant challenge to make progress. Use your time to visualize your goals, visualize the follow through, make a plan, and make this pump day count!

Let's review this week's workouts so far. 
Monday Upper Body Grind
Tuesday Legs and Booty Burn.

In the queue:

Wednesday Evening Run & Glutes
Thursday: Abs, Abs, ABS, and Back
Friday: Total Body
Saturday: bike ride or HIIT cardio
Sunday: Rest


Rise and Grind!

Thank God Its Monday and its the perfect time to shake off the weekend and get back to the grind of meetings and workouts.  I know I was happy during my drive to work today. I visualized everything running smoothly and on schedule (and so far so good) and was already excited about jammin' out and sweating during this evening's workout because my body craves sweat! Over the weekend, I did a brisk Sunday morning run and a quick HIIT Friday nite, but I'm ready to go all in this week and earn some serious soreness.

Exercise helps clear my mind and keeps me grounded and if I didn't workout, I'd probably stress out. I love the grind. Last week I walked into the gym and Kevin at the counter said, "Wow, you're motivated. You're in here everyday". I thought, "Heck yeah, I'm here because I love it. What the heck else would I be doin?".

And I thought about it again,

"How do I make it to the gym day in and day out?"

There are two parts to this answer.

1. I made a promise to myself to get into the best shape of my life and make fitness a priority

2. I plan my workouts, visualize myself doing them, and bring my gear with me.

That's it. Now all I have to do is actually show up, warm up, and grind through the rest. The best part, I treat myself to a huge meal afterwards and a shower never felt so good than after a long day and a hard workout. :)

So from here on its all 1 hour workouts, Monday through Friday. Woo hoo! So lets start off this week strong, with our goals in sight, a solid plan, and some hustle!! Lets get to work!