13 Fit Girl Problems

The promise of fitness is alluring--a tight toned body, healthy organic meals, and boundless energy all sounds good on paper, but we know the fit life isn't all that glamorous.

I mean, I spend a good amount of time drenched in sweat with mismatched gym socks because I was running late that morning, or blow-drying my sweaty hair to meet up with girlfriends later because I didn't have time to full on wash and style it--it wasn't too sweaty right?

If you're living the fit life, check out these little fitness mishaps that are, or soon will be part of your every day life :)

Fit Girl Problems

1. You now pee all the time
and you even get up in the middle of the night, several times a night to do so. A gallon of water a day has to go somewhere.

2. You wash more dishes
Now that your meals are neatly measured and prepped, you'll be washing more tupperware dishes and protien bottles--don't forget to wash those!

3. Water bottles everywhere
I'm basically tripping over water bottles. They're in the car, house, work, purse. Even if I try to have just 1 and reuse the heck out of it, I'll easily pickup 1 or 2 more.

4. Constantly being told you train too much
Get ready to justify your reason to workout everyday, or not, this is your choice, but take the time and share the positive effects fitness has had for you--maybe it'll rub off. ;)

5. Trading beer or pina coladas for vodka sodas
Who knew, I like vodka sodas!

6. Weight training day or cardio day....can't decide
For those moments when you feel extra sassy and motivated do you go for legs, sprints, total body? Ak, too many choices.

7. Boob shrinkage
Really? Yes, sign me up! :/

8. Switch to waterproof mascara or don't wear it
Don't look like a racoon after the gym. Switch or ditch.

9. Looking like a bag lady
Let me explain, I carry 3 bags: my purse, my gym clothes, my food/meal bag.

10. Eating salad while my friends eat chicken and waffles

Yes, deep down, I do want a bite...

11. Constantly being told you don't need to lose weight
I loooove this one. Again, just explain this is your lifestyle, that yes, you actually enjoy working out and look forward to getting that workout in. You don't train just to 'lose weight', but that is a nice bonus!!

12. Powernapping in my car after work so I can make it to the gym
Some days, when my energy tank is low, I gotta nap it out. No excuses!

13. Traveling with gym shoes
Not only do I pack my whole wardrobe whenever I travel, I also need my gym clothes and shoes. Ugh, how do I fit it all in?

Let me know which one is your biggest fit girl problems pet peeve in the comments below or tweet
it with #fitgirlproblems.