3 Reasons to Write Your Fitness Contract

Summer is upon us and soon we'll be bbqing and sippin' ritas by the pool. Summer is my favorite season, even in the blazing hot Texas heat. What's not to love about sunny days, a bronze tan, and ice cold watermelon? Mmmm.

For most of us, though, our New Year's Resolutions are long gone and we have either been working hard on our summer bods or wishing we had. Not to worry, this is the perfect time to reestablish your fitness goals and keep yourself accountable for the remainder of the year.

Download the Personal Fitness Contract and solidify your commitment to fitness this year. 

Need a little boost of motivation? Check out these reasons why having a personal contract will help you reach your goals.

1. Reflect on your 'Why?'

There are different reasons for starting and continuing a fitness journey and its important to take time to reflect on what your reasons are. Why do you want to be fit? Honestly, why do want to put yourself through sweat and discomfort, pay gym fees, lose precious time out of your day, day after day? Why press on when you hit a plateau, can't find the motivation, or are discouraged by lack of results?

Because you'll never feel more alive than after a good workout and you'll never feel more accomplished than the moment you finally achieve a fitness goal you have been struggling with.
By incorporating fitness into your life, you'll open yourself up to new experiences, and meet a community of positive people living the fit life. I 'decided' to live fit because I feel incredible when I am active and I love the feeling of pushing my body through a heart pumping run or circuit. I love the challenge. I also wanted to add years to my life, have a positive outlet for my energy, make time for myself, have the body I've always wanted, and feel amazing. So take some time and think about your underlying motivation.

2. Hold yourself accountable

We all start out with the best intentions to get fit and convince ourselves that by the sheer force of our motivation and desire we can get that summer body or run a mile without getting completely winded. Motivation and desire are absolutely needed to reach your goal, but this fuel quickly burns out and the novelty, the idea of fitness loses its allure. This is where your accountability steps in.

If you don't announce your desire to live fit to yourself or to anyone else, then you don't have to answer to anyone if you don't follow through, right? By writing down your goals on your fitness contract you take the first step in holding yourself accountable and making this desire a reality. Share this with your friends and family, post it up at work, in your car, and let it be a reminder of your commitment to your health.

3. Make a plan

By planning ahead you can eliminate some of the excuses you are sure to bump into like, "I don't know where to run", "I don't have the right gear", "I don't have time", "I don't know what exercises to do", "I don't know where to get healthy foods" and the list goes on...

Avoid falling into those excuses and plan your road map to your dream body or fitness goal. Plan your meals, write down your favorite recipes, stock healthy food in the fridge, and find healthy alternatives ahead of time so you can be prepared when cravings start to kick in.

Schedule your activities into the week and review your plan the day before so you can prep your gym bag, reserve your seat in a spin class, map out your route, or whatever it is you need to do to make that workout happen!

Now that your prepped and super pumped, check out the fitness contract below. Sign it, put it up on your desk, your car, the fridge, and stay on the path to radiant health and wellness.

Click on the sample fitness contract to see the contract with a few meal & snack suggestions or select the blank contract to fill out your personalized contract :)

Stay fit my friends,