Feels Like Its My Birthday Everyday!

Happy Friday Ladies! No today's not my birthday, but it feels like it is everytime I get a package in the mail. After posting the story “Fun Gym Clothes”, the shirt I ordered finally came in!

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work and the gym to find a hot pink present waiting for you on the table and smelling the scent of steak on the grill. Mmmm. Lately, I’ve been doing some online shopping and every day I come home I find a new gift waiting for me. It’s a nice little treat--a little gift for myself every day. Inside this pink package is the shirt I purchased from the Etsy shop ‘Hello Fabulous’.  

Too Legit To Quit Gym Tanks from Hello Fabulous

The shop is ran by two sisters who silkscreen their own unique gym tanks. I am a super fan of their shop now. They even sent a nicely designed thank you note with a coupon code. Yes! I work in commercial print so I’m a sucker for printed items.

Speaking of print, I also picked up this hot little number from Charm and Gumption on Etsy.

‘Hustle’ print by Charm and Gumption on Etsy

I think this will work perfectly for my future work space.  I absolutely love fun bold prints. I found this one on Wanelo. Let me warn you, Wanelo is dangerously addictive! Yes, even more than Pintrest. The site allows you to customize your feed by following other boards or users and offers featured items, just posted, trending, and other themes like bohemian and novelty. Once you click on an item you can save or buy it directly from the store’s site. 

The site provides loads of unique finds based on the items you chose and most of these items are from Etsy and other new online shops. You can also create your own collections and create mood boards or stories. Too fun!

Here’s how my Wanelo Print collection is coming along…

Come checkout the board at Wanelo.com here. Right now my user name is ssssssh. With 6 s’s.

I can’t remember how I found Wanelo, but I know I was searching for a new bikini—thus most of my favourited items are bikini and lingerie related. I've always had bikinis that are either too big and droopy on the bottom like a diaper, or too small on top and I risk having a boob pop out. I turned 30 last year so I wanted to upgrade to a sexy one piece, like one you might see by a resort pool or a billionaire’s yacht, hey I can dream, so I began my search. 

I had my heart set on a sexy strappy bikini from Nasty Gal, but by this point, I decided a one piece would leave me with a weird tan line and well let’s be honest, I’ll never be on a billionare’s yacht any time soon, so I toned it down a bit.  Sorry Nasty Gal…next year!

After digging through more collections I finally found the perfect one. It has straps, color, and will give me a little motivation to fit into it J. Once it arrives, I’ll show it in a new post. I hope it fits!

Do Tell....
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What is your favorite Etsy shop? What's your favorite print quote?