Fitness Gear

Hi Ladies, I found some fun fitness gear this week to jazz up your closet and keep you motivated. 

I love treating myself to a new top or headphones every now and then and I would absolutely love a pair of the #5's, a sporty high heel by Adidas, so cute!! Check out the goods: 

1. Android Galaxy watch. Receive calls and messages on your next run and sync it up with fitness trackers like mapmyrun. I know, awesome rite?

2. Sporty top that doubles as a sports bra.

3. Wireless headphones, because, well they're wireless. 

4. Misfit Shine fitness tracker tan necklace. These little trackers can be worn alone, in a watch, or a cute necklace. Neat. 

5. Adiddas high heels!!! Just throw these babies on with your workout outfit to quickly dress up your look. 

6. Hot Gym Bag. I don't know about those of you watching tv at the gym, but I came here to work!