Sprint (your way) to your summer bod

It's always a beautiful day to hit the track. I decided to finally ditch the treadmill and test out my sprints. I have to say, I don't think I've ever actually tried to sprint on a track. I've run stairs, hit the treadmill on an incline, but no real sprints. Honestly, its exhilarating! Exhausting yes, but I felt more powerful and faster than ever. I surprised myself this week and I liked it ;) Best part was, after my workout, my baby and our puppy joined me at the track. 
Check it out, here's what I did: 

Warm Up
run 2 laps, run faster 3rd lap


Walk 100 meters or 1/2 lap
Sprint 100 meters
Repeat 4X

Catch your breath and continue

Jump Lunges 
lunge right, jump up, switch legs, land in a left lunge

Pop Squats 
narrow squat low, jump up, really push up, and land in a low squat

or you can do my favorite: lunges across the field :) 
Until next time, keep that booty moving ya'll!!