If you want it, "You Betta Work! "

Thank you Rue Pal! I couldn't have said it better. I love her show Rue Paul's Drag Race. Its fabulous and filled to the tits with lip synching divas, wigs, makeup galore, and cat fights. I would venture to say its a tasteful version of housewives. haha. Rue Paul's 1st music video introduced him in all her glory while preaching loud and clear. If you want it ladies, "You Betta Work!".  Just for fun check out his music video here on you tube. 

In fitness, success doesn't come easy, progress is earned, so let's face it, those weights aren't gonna lift themselves! We are all incontrol of setting and realizing our goals. It all it boils down to showing up every week. Whether you're in it for the endorphins, longevity, or training for an event, keep moving forward, keep showing up, and get to work! 

We all need a little extra push and when things get tough, we need to reach down and listen to our  fiery inner diva. She's fierce, fiesty, motivated, and won't back down. Use that bold, confidence to fuel the fire. 

Lately, I've been working on my weakness--running. I'm a girl that lifts and cycles so running is definitely the area I need the most work. Here I am after a run and field workout with Marley. Whew! Wait a sec, let me catch my breath....ok, now I can take a selfie.

Do Tell...
Let me know in the comments below. Who is your favorite diva. Which word describes your inner diva?