I'm a LUSH and So Can You!

 “You’re a touch overrated, you’re a lush and I hate it.” Taking Back Sundays.

Pay no attention to this band’s swill, did anyone really ever listen to them anyway? We are talking about LUSH Cosmetics and yes they’re absolutely luscious and we love them! If you don’t know about LUSH, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite brand.

I love LUSH because their  beauty and cosmetic products are all made by hand using fresh organic fruit, veggies, essential oils, and herbs. They do not animal test or purchase ingredients from those who do and use very little if any preservatives. Their containers even have a little sticker with a picture of the person mixing your product. I know right! These guys are great!

The best part for me is, unlike other stores that use chemical fragrances and give you a migrane whenever you walk past, LUSH is all organic. Their product packaging and message is bold, sexy, and fun! Makes sense that this would be my favorite brand. ;)

Just a side note here, I’m purely sharing because I like LUSH cosmetics. I don’t work for LUSH or make any commission if you decide to go to the LUSH site. I honestly just love LUSH and wished I had found this sooner so I thought I’d share…Your welcome. :)

After browsing the site, I finally made my selection: 

Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo & 
Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. 

Here they are, the happy couple!

Their Honey Shampoo gives you all the wonderfully luxurious benefits of honey but without the stickiness or overly sweet smell. The scent is rich and herbal and left my course curly hair shiny and soft the next morning!  This one is definitely going on re-order status. Oh, yes, they have an option in their shopping cart to add items for reorder in 3month and year increments so when you get low, you’ll automatically receive your new item. LUSH.

The second item I snagged is the Ocean Salt face and body scrub--a much needed upgrade from my usual mix-it-yourself-with-applecider vinegar-aztec -mud-clay-mess. This salt scrub delivered the goods! It’s a smooth scrub that’s not too grainy or rough and has a light refreshing scent. In my experience, many scrubs scrape my skin or just have ‘micro-beads’ that don’t do shit. I’m so glad to have a real scrub in my beauty arsenal.

I also highly recommend visiting their store in person because it’s the only place to buy their homemade, mixed in-store, facial masks.  They won’t ship these out, since they must be refrigerated. The ginger mask is my favorite.

Another reason I buy quality products…
For those of you who make your own homemade products for fun or even if you’re a pro, take the day off and try out LUSH. I used to pride myself in making my own handmade products, but after awhile, making your own products becomes laborious, time consuming, and I never could get the mixture to smell right and the packaging was, well, homemade jars and bottles.  After awhile, I stopped making them at all and just kept a bag of sugar under my bathroom sink for my scrubs. What a mess! I learned the hard way—if you want a handmade quality product you don’t have to stock an apothecary in your house. Honestly, just buy it! Whether from LUSH or another organic and homemade source, you deserve it.

Do tell…

Let me know in the comments below. 

What is your fav LUSH product? Your fav LUSH scent?