Move Your Ass Monday

Happy Monday Ladies! If you need an extra push this Monday, here it is. Move. Your. Ass. See, they get it! They already got a head start on their workout for the day. 30 minutes, three times a week. Doesn't matter how you slice it--just get it done however you like and whenever you like.

Sure, Zumba counts too ;)

So does taking the stairs, walking your dog, doing yoga at your desk during lunch, and parking on the far end of the parking lot. It all counts! I know these things seem small, but it all adds up. Whether you do yard work or dance in the living room after work, (yes I've done that before), just do what you gotta do to get your ass moving!

Your level of fitness in totally within your grasp and in your control. Its all on the other side of your own fears and doubt. Are you worried about that other people are doing? Who cares if everyone else is taking the elevator at work? You make your own choices and you have decided to live fit because you want a longer life, or you just want to get up those stairs with out getting winded. So what if you think you'll look silly dancing or doing pushups in the yard or pullups on the stairwell? Guess what, most people are too busy worrying about themselves and couldn't care less about what you are doing.

Honestly, they have the same fears and excuses you do. So you have to choose not to give into those excuses and negative thoughts and continue toward your goals. So be yourself, stay true to what you want and risk being silly or even failing. These things are a part of your overall success. Set an example when no one else will and do whatever it takes to get your ass movin! Those weights aren't going to lift themselves. ;)