Pump Day: Visualize Your Goals


Happy Pump Day everyone! We are half way through the week and still going strong. This pump day is my last night with Andrew until he takes off for a wedding in Chicago so I will be doing an early evening run with him rather than hitting the weights today, but I'm still here to offer motivation and support for you all.

For that extra bit of motivation and intensity, I have found that visualizing my workouts long before I hit the gym has helped me stay focused and alert during my workouts. By visualizing myself working hard and going for the burn, I can draw on that image and feeling and use it to drive my intensity during a workout when I feel I'm starting to fade.

Visualizing and planning my workout ahead of time also helps me stay accountable to shorter rest periods, doing drop sets at the end of the last set, or any other lifting strategies I choose to focus on that day to keep me focused and working hard. It always helps to imagine my 'after' picture and really focus on the movement and the muscle I'm working on.

So many times I have patted myself on the back for just showing up, getting into the workout, having good form, or sweating like a mad woman. While all those things are great, it takes laser focus and constant challenge to make progress. Use your time to visualize your goals, visualize the follow through, make a plan, and make this pump day count!

Let's review this week's workouts so far. 
Monday Upper Body Grind
Tuesday Legs and Booty Burn.

In the queue:

Wednesday Evening Run & Glutes
Thursday: Abs, Abs, ABS, and Back
Friday: Total Body
Saturday: bike ride or HIIT cardio
Sunday: Rest