TGIF, Now Lets Go Shopping!!

Its Friday, the 13th, so I did a little online shopping for some good luck. When I'm shopping, I have to start off easy with just 1 or two items so I don't go into an all out splurge fest. Today I did good. I picked up 1 Bobino cord organizer and backed the CLUG project on kickstarter. Not exactly glamorous shopping, I know, but functional, yes.

Bobino Cord Wrapper on CB2.com 

I picked up the Bobino cord wrapper for my headphones. This way I can keep them nice and tidy instead of shoving the extra cables in my sports bra. This one was on sale for like 2 bucks. 

DIY Heart Cord Wrap

For the crafters out there, checkout this heartshapped cord wrapper tutorial.

DIY Tutorial Here

Aliexpress Headphone Cord Wraps


And for those of you not looking to get too crafty, check out Aliexpress for a huge selection.  
                Cute Cloud Cord Wraps


Keeping in line with the small plastic assessory theme, I also picked up a CLUG. It can be wall mounted and easily clips onto your bike tire for storage. Neat! This works perfect for me because right now my 2 bikes are just leaning against the garage wall--not good for the tires and it looks cluttered so I was thrilled to pickup a set and support hurdler studios in the process. 

Do Tell! Let me know which you prefer: Headphone wraps or the CLUG bike clips?

Do you have any interesting accessories to share?

Let me know in the comments below: