Week of Workouts

Last week, starting with the Plyos and Leg workout I posted earlier, has been the week of new workouts! 

During a 4 day trip to Chicago for my brother's graduation, I did my best to stick with healthy frequent meals, but to be honest, I definitely had my fair share of deep dish pizza. I feel like I am back to square one right now as far as earning my 6 pack, but going to Chicago and eating a deep dish pizza at Gino's East was oh so freakin' worth it!! Mmmmmm, damn that was an awesome cheat meal. The crust was so sweet--almost like pastry and loaded with fresh sauce and piles of meat. :) 

So, its back to the gym for me and now I am hitting my workouts hard and tweaking my routine to reach my next level of fitness. Everyday, I still prep my meals for the day and bring healthy snacks to work to stay fueled and ready for an intense weight training session at night. 

I weight train 5 days a week again and may switch to 3 days of weight training and 2 plyos/ HIIT sessions with 1 day for another fun activity like yoga, swimming, or cycling.

I've found that I really enjoy sprints and HIIT workouts and these sessions really help me get into a zone and push hard and leave me feeling incredibly accomplished. Lately, I feel much stronger and faster during my warmup runs due to the sprints I've been putting in. Score! 

Here's a  re-cap last week's workouts
For all workouts: 
Lift with a heavy weight, then drop to a lower weight to burn out the last set. No rest on the last 2 sets. Aim for 10 reps and 5 sets. 
Set 1, rest, Set 2, rest, Set 3 rest, Set 4, drop to low weight, burn it out till failure.

Shoulders / Abs 
Warm up: 5-10 minute run on treadmill
Lateral Raises 
Front Raises 
Seated Shoulder press
Standing Shoulder press 
Standing Dumbbell Flys

Hanging Leg Raises 20 reps X 3 
Decline Sit ups 20 reps X 3
Plank Jacks 1 min, rest 30 sec X 3

Chest and Back
Warm up: 5-10 minute run on treadmill
Lat Pulldowns
Cable Rows 
Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Dumbbell Row
Chest Supported Row (use an incline bench, turn around and face the raised bench, straddle so your chest is supported by the bench, arms are hanging to the ground holding a barbell)

Glutes & Hammies
Warm up: 5-10 minute run on treadmill
Narrow leg squats - really squeeze at the bottom! Go deep. 
Hamstring Curls
Bulgarian Split Squats 
Finisher: Weighted Bridge & Wall Sit

Biceps / Triceps / Abs
Warm up: 5-10 minute run on treadmill
EZ Bar Bicep Curls 
Hammer Curls 
Alternating Dumbell Curls 
Superset: Tricep Dips // Tricep Press
Tricep Pushups or Kickbacks 
Tricep Pulldowns
Bicep Curls
Circuit 1 minute each, 30 sec rest to transition: 
crunches on BOSU ball // Plank on BOSU ball (legs firm on the floor, forearms on Ball) // Knee Tucks on BOSU Ball