Weekend Recap

Happy Weekend. Its been a lovely few days relaxing, cooking, laughing my ass off and snuggling with Drew and the pets.  Aaaaaah. 

On Friday, I had a hot date with Drew and we headed out for dinner and a movie. We started off the night right with a South African dinner. Who knew I liked lamb? I had written it off until I tried it falling off the bone and dipped in mint. Delicious. South Africa does it right. During dinner we caught an impromtu flash mob of zumba moms in the plaza and jammed out before heading to the Alamo Drafthouse for 22 Jump Street. Honestly, I've never laughed so hard in a movie theater. Hilarious. If you havn't seen 21 Jump Street with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, then stop what you're doing (well finish reading this) then watch 21 Jump Street. 

Saturday morning we headed out for mani pedis and in the afternoon we bbq'd some thick, bacon filled burgers with friends and watched a few soccer games while the rain poured.

On Sunday, we put in an hour bike ride crusin' through our neighborhood and the country roads outside of town. I love riding in the morning. Its a great way to energize the day and earn that Sunday afternoon nap.

I  hope you had a lovely weekend doing what you love. Cheers to an amazing week ahead.