Workout: Toasted Buns

I love the Plyo 'warm up' here. Its really a short HIIT session and it will torch your legs and leave you gasping for air. Yessss!  

Take a rest afterward, and if you feel good, go for the full leg workout and of course, 
the booty burning finisher. Go for toast! Make it Burn! 

Toasted Buns Workout

5 minute warm up on treadmill or jumprope

Plyo warmup: 
30 Jump Squats //1 minute rest //30 jump lunges
X 2 

Alternate between Narrrow and Wide to shorten the rest period and hit the Glutes during the Narrow, then the inner thigh with the Wide Squats. No need for the weird inner thigh machine in this workout!

Hamstring Leg Curl 

Right Leg, then Left repeat 3X

Wall Sits
holding a dumbbell to workout the arms
hold 1 minute X 4 

Weighted Glute Bridge, really squeeze! Try 1 legged with 25 lbs. for extra burn. 
Go for toast! 

Here it is Ladies (and Gents) your moment of Fitness Zen, you'll need it to get through this workout ;)