YOLO, so make some froyo

Its blazing hot in Texas right now, and we're just getting started. Soon, we'll be into 100 degree heat, dripping sweat in areas we didn't know could sweat. To cool off from the 3rd planet heat, I absolutely love chowin' down on some frozen yogurt with all the fixings. Its so yummy and a ton of fun to make your own froyo bowl. I always get a rich creamy flavor and top it off with granola and loads of fruit. Some of my local favorites are: Red Mango, Menchi's, Tutti Frutti, & Orange Leaf. The Red Velvet Cake is my fav flavor.

After a few rounds of by the pound froyo, these little bowls add up, so I opted to make my own homemade, sugar free frozen yogurt. Checkout the blueberry recipe below. After mixing up a batch, I ate the 1st serving right out of the bowl without freezing and the mix turned out a bit sweet. After freezing, overnight (and thawing for an hour before eating) the yogurt was much more tart. So keep in mind, if you're going to make this ahead, add more sugar and honey. If you just can't hold back and want to eat right out the bowl, add less sugar and taste as you go. The same goes for the pineapple recipe. Yummm. For pineapple, I only used equal parts pineapple and yogurt and ate it fresh. Delish!