Making Progress. This is why I love lifting

We're just over the hump and its a great time to review my workouts for the week and share my insights on why I love lifting. 

My progress so far-

I’m feeling faster and more relaxed on my running warm-up. I think the jump squats and outdoor running at least once a week has really helped my endurance and sprints. Right now, on Wednesday afternoon, I’m not feeling as sore as I usually would. Looks like I’ll need to up my intensity and increase my weights for next week. I’m not quite ready to add weight onto my back squats though, not until my core is stronger—I don’t want to hurt my back in the process or sacrifice form. ;)

This is why I love lifting. 

Overall, I’m feeling strong and accomplished this week. I love that feeling of floating on air and walking out of the gym with swagger because my legs are so tight.  Feels so good to lift, to breathe deep, and feel and see your muscles growing. When I’m pouring sweat and pushing hard I feel like I’m cleansing myself of all mental clutter and bullshit and preparing myself to feel amazing.

With every push, every set, every day, I step out of the past, out of doubt, fear, and should have’s and step  into the present—where anything is possible. 

As your thoughts expand with goals and vision, so does the body as it follows through with your plan. As you continue to press on and expand, eventually, your surroundings, your environment, circumstances, and reality will feel the ripple effect of your vision.

Let’s check out this week’s workouts so far.

Warm Up
6 minute run

Squats on Smith Machine 100lbs
Lunges with Barbell 50 lbs.
Leg Extensions-180lbs drop set
Hamstring Curl 45lbs
30 second Wall sit X 4
Bicep Curls with EZ Bar (not so Easy, but it feels better on my wrists)
Shoulder Press
Cool down: cuddle with Andrew and our pets.

TUESDAYLegs feel strong even after (or maybe due to) resting 3 days last week ;)
Warm UP
1 Mile Run J
Sprints: Incline at 8.0+ Speed at 7.0
1 Minute Sprint, 1 Minute Rest X 3
Feelin’ Good!!

Squats Narrow and Wide 90lb Smith Machine
Single Leg Deadlifts
Pushups 15, 20 second rest, Bicep Curl 40 lbs, 20 sec. rest X 3
Ouch! Arms are definitely sore from yesterday’s curls!

Decline Crunches
Plank with forearms on Bosu Ball. Roll out and back in (just like an ab roller, but a smaller movement)
Yes, these work!!

Warm Up
Stretch and walk on stair mill 5 minutes 8 speed

Quick HIIT
25 Jump Squats
Stairmill 3 minutes 11 speed
25 Jump Squats //20 sec rest//25 Jump Squats
Stairmill 3 minutes 8 speed

15 wide, rest, 15 narrow x 3 sets 

Flutter Kicks
VSit Ups
Bicycle Crunches
Decline Crunches

By this time, my back was aching--it always does. I injured myself doing jump splits in drill team years ago and after years of bad habits, its only gotten worse for now, but it will get better. 

Cool down: dinner with the family and a few episodes of Ink Master

Ladies, I hope you are all staying active this week and making fun plans for the 4th! I’ll be headed back home to Austin, TX for tubing along the Guadalupe, BBQ with the girls, and 4th of July fireworks in Austin’s Zilker Park. More on that in Sunday’s post ;). 

Do Tell...
Let me know in the comments below. What are your 4th of July plans? 
Do you have a stubborn injury that just keeps acting up? 

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