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Whether you're dragging your bum or flying high on an endorphin rush, this is the place to come for your dose of motivation, gym humor, and attitude. Here you can find workouts, inspiration, meal planning tips, and more.


I started this site to keep me accountable to my workouts and offer motivation to others on their fitness journey. I started living fit after sweating through my 1st spin class. I absolutely loved the challenge, the bumpin' music, and rush of energy as I pedaled through hills and sprints, shouting and woo-hooing along the way. I was hooked on fitness, and immediately decided to make it a priority in my life. I signed up for a Golds Gym membership, immediately cleared out my fridge of all the processed foods and junk and started my new fit life. It started with a crystal clear decision and a powerful conviction to be active and healthy and that initial decision has kept fueling me through the past few years.
Now I'm firmly on the fitness path and I keep pushing on for the love of it and hopefully I'll inspire others along the way.

About me

I grew up in a military family and spent my childhhood traveling overseas, but I got to Texas as quick as I could ;) I found my way to San Marcos, Austin, and now Houston, TX and live with my love and our pets Marley the dog and Jewelz the cat. I am a fitness and health nut and have been accused of being the 'energizer bunny' and am a self proclaimed fitness evangelist. I also love reading about startups, brand identities and design. You can find me listening to house music, working out, pinning print designs on pintrest, on the dance floor, or daydreaming about adventure traveling.

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